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About me

I've had pets all my life, from dogs and cats to fish and guinea pigs. As a child, I often thought of becoming a veterinarian, but my academic interests eventually led me elsewhere.


However, during my studies I discovered petsitting and, what in 2015 started as a hobby and part-time job, turned into my main job and I am happy to offer my services in Mainz.

I have gathered experience as a pet sitter since 2015 in Edinburgh and Mainz. From dealing with really shy and grumpy cats, to helping potty-train a kitten, to going for a walk with a gentle old Cocker Spaniel and looking after two rescued greyhounds, I've always tried to keep pets as good as possible and after them along the wishes of the owner. Discretion and daily communication with the owners, photos and updates on their pet are part of my service.


I take pride in the high standard of care and services I offer. I have a number of customers who have become friends and with whom I have worked with for years.


I hope to get the chance to meet your four-legged family member pet soon!

Eine Frau trägt eine Katze

Foto © René Trohs

About my logo and my pets

Katharina is my first German cat. We got each other when her first family no longer wanted her and I decided to take her with me.

Sweet, mischievous and cuddly, she is my dearest companion and so, when I decided to fully invest myself in petsitting, I decided to have her as my image. Regarding dogs, Katharina gets very well along with them, but as any cat, she always makes sure to let them know that she is the empress of my flat.

Katharina has a darling sister, Brunhilde. Despite having a Valkyrie as her namesake, she is a very chill cat and unlike Katharina, Brunhilde seems uninterested in dogs and prefers to watch them from afar or just to sleep on her bed by the window. 

Katharina. Black and white cat with green eyes


Brunhilda. Orange cat with green eyes


Anchor Bruni
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